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  • Durable and stable materials - Selected chrome-plated steel tube as the frame, which guarantees the bearing capacity of the equipment; high-density foam as the handle, which is anti-slip and absorbs the sweat
  • Healthy and safe design - Adopting the I-shaped frame design, stable and ergonomical, which can protect the green hands from being injured during the exercise
  • Various training modes - This push-up frame can exercise the chest muscle, abdominal muscle and the coordination of the should muscle groups effectively
  • Convenient to carry - With the features of detachable and less land occupation, this push-up frame is easy to carry
  • Extensive use - Ideal to train your arms, shoulders and chest whether you are at home, dormitory or in the gym

Product description

Features : Strong, durable chrome steel bars and very stable have no fear that they'll break, bend or collapse Each bar can hold 100kg (220lb) for the Classic or 150kg (330lb) for the Ultra Classic 22mm will typically suit lighter people or people with smaller hands while the Ultra 25mm will suit heavier people or larger hands (typically men) No parts, welds or joins means no assembly required and no parts to break or fall off They are stable and do not wobble Light and portable Comfortable foam grips Non-slip Benefits Traditionally, push-ups are done with your hands on the floor without any equipment.

Push-up bars allow you to do push-ups raised above the floor, which is great for 4 reasons:
1) You protect your wrists and hands from injury. Doing push-ups without bars puts a lot of stress on the joints and tendons in your hands and wrists, because you force your wrists to be at a 90 degree angle to your arm. This can lead to injury and persistent pain.
2) Increased range of motion. Because push-up bars raise your up above the floor, this allows you to go lower in your push-ups, activating more muscles and getting more out of every repetition.
3) You get a better workout for your forearm muscles, because you're gripping the push-up bars instead of having an open palm.
4) It is easier to position yourself for proper push-up technique and form due to the extra stability. If you want to get the most out of your workout with the best range of motion, and prevent wrist and hand injury, then push-up stands are a great investment. Push-up bars are also very easy to use - simply grab onto the handles and perform push ups as you normally woul