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Poly acid ester frame + polarized lenses
Length 16.7cm, width 14.8cm
I. Packaging Spare Parts: glasses case, glasses, lenses, glasses bags, glasses cloth, polarized light test paper, lanyard II.
Lens Description:
1. Transparent lenses: high-density lens color coating, can reflect more light, suitable for rainy days Use
2. Yellow lenses: yellow lenses have the effect of improving the surrounding light, so to brighten the lens, suitable for dark conditions at night use
3. Blue lenses: blue lenses can improve visual contrast and clarity, can be in the air Polluted or foggy and more use
4. Dark green lenses: the outside world can be messy radiation. Water wave light filter into soft direct light, will not cause harm to the eyes, suitable for driving, fishing, strong sunlight
5. Colorful lenses: filter out a large number of blue light, can improve visual contrast and clarity, can block the smooth surface of light Reflected light, wearing glasses or you can see the micro-part, is the ideal driver