500 Reps A Day Challenge

   This is the official page for the 500 Reps A Day Challenge. We at X Max Sports want to challenge everyone in the world to get out and get fit. No matter what exercise you do and what level you are on, you can do and achieve 500 Reps A Day. From just walking for 500 reps a day, or going all out in a heavy weight lifting regiment, the exercise's are up to you and your ability. Challenge yourself everyday to push a little harder. Stay tuned for more information and videos. X Max Sports will be giving away free gear as we go along in the challenge. Post your picture's or video's doing your 500 Reps A Day Challenge on our Facebook Page or Twitter Page and use the hash tag #500repsadaychallenge to win prizes. Lets see what ya got. Watch The Official Video Release Below.

500 Reps A Day Official Video Release


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