[Demonstration] High Squad expanded in the base of new mode

  • Game Name: High Squad

  • Genre: 3D action

  • Service / Developer: Net marble / Net marble Into

  • Yo: ‘Hope Squad’ is the first Battle Royale action unveiled at NTP this year, featuring a fast-to-tempo battle and easy revival in the future city of Ariosto.
    In the G-Star demonstration build, the 5 vs 5 team mode ‘Touchdown’ will be introduced.

Net marble will also participate in G-Star, a PC Battle Royale Action High Squad, which was released at NTP. Based on the future city named Ariosto, the work is based on the rules where the team of 20 squads travels to the city, competing with each other, or occupying the designated area to the end. In the process, even though he struggled with action using parkour and various weapons skills, he was more focused on the battle, such as being easily revived at the resurrection base.

‘Hope Squad’, which has received feedback after the Alpha Test, will showcase the new mode ‘Touchdown’ for this G-Star. Prior to G-Star, I summarized once the ‘high squad’ has changed two feedbacks and what changes in the existing mode, weapons and functions and how the new mode will feel.

First, the keynote of ‘Nansen’ unique to the high-sized squad became more firm. From the first alpha test, the high-Square was not an open field where various regions were spread throughout the place, but also a city called Ariosto, and showed the composition of coming and going from various parts of the country naturally. In order to organize the composition more densely, the initial input zones were reorganized from five to four zones, and the frequency of fighting with enemies from the beginning was increased.

As the battle has become more frequent, securing the resurrection base has become more important. In particular, the high-Square can sit in front of the resurrection device and sit in front of the resurrection device and wait for the allies to resurrect, or there is a limit to the number of times, and after occupying the resurrection point, you can go to the base for each cooldown and revive the allies. As a result, the survival of the squad was divided depending on whether it was a good use of the base.

In addition to resurrecting allies, it was also a way to survive the ‘High Squad’ to buy chips quickly in the middle hiding vending machine and raise stats. In the close-up battle Royale, several parts that strengthen their stats are natural systems, but in the high squad, the weapon is equipped with a weapon, which is equipped with the tier’s up to the chip so that the stats can be steadily stacked. Not only do you obtain a high of a high, but also occupy the base, so the ‘base’ was a very important point, and the difficulties to occupy it were quite intense.

The only way to escape such a fierce battlefield was the only special skill of Wheeling or link cleaver, but in G-Star Build, the Hoverboard was added, and the map was quickly available. However, the hoverboard is not equipped separately, and it is limited to ride on the hoverboard.

These changes seemed to be more and more shining. The classic Battle Royale genre is aimed at surviving until the end, so unnecessary fights such as ‘Jobber Meta’, which are commonly referred to, have been minimized, but they are only likely to win. That’s because it’s hard to resurrect when the squad dies, and if the head is pushed, the back heart will be pushed in the second half, so a strategy was needed to minimize losses.

However, ‘High Squad’ showed a slightly different aspect, as it was the first emphasis on the trefoil, not the Battle Royale. Although the latecomers of Battle Royale made the resurrection easier, the high-silkquadi reduced the burden by minimizing that only one of the hubs in various places could be occupied. Even though it was a bit clean at the beginning, one person survived somehow, occupied it once, farmed, and won the fisherman’s geography in the difficulties, and the risk of the battle was small, and the number of willingness to be willing to compete once. The frequency of feeling was also high.

In addition, there is a weapon that has been added to the parkour, and there are also weapons that are specialized in moving, and one of the fun of hitting, falling, fighting, and killing, coming and going, was certain. This is because it was possible to play flexible plays such as stepping on the gambling, stepping on the outer walls and obstacles one by one, raising the enemy under the roof, or running down the stomach items. In the future, the jump pads, ascending streams, and home lines, which were often seen in Hyper FPS, are all over the map, and the tactics using the terrain itself as well as the parkour itself were wide.

In particular, when I went to the end of the final round, the combination of the ‘city’ and the combination of Parkour shined even more. In the midst of the cramped space, the walls were made in the space where there was a hard time, even in the space where only a few shots were difficult, such as riding the wall for a while, breathing, breathing again, or hiding and hiding and pushing out-and-out of the enemy.

In order for the composition to be completed, it is necessary to appeal to other Battle Royale and other high Squad systems, which still seemed to be supplemented. Of course, the tutorials were reinforced, including abilities, chips, and AI compared to the tutorials of the Alpha Test, which only gave the basic combat method. In addition, the information necessary for farming, such as chip strengthening and weapons tier strengthening, which had not been explained before, was also explained.

However, I wanted to be supported by the description of the resurrection or rules. If you see that one of the team members who matched the same team in the battle with two people in the battle, if you saw that you could not hear the base and intervene in the place where the war took place next to it, you could see it. I didn’t know the resurrection, so I remembered the team members who went out. Even after that, even though there was a warning not to go out because it was already easy to resurrect, it would be that the users needed something to change the common sense accumulated in other battle royale games.

Such anxiety was also felt in the new 5 vs 5 team modes, ‘Touchdown’. ‘Touchdown’ is a mode that gains a score if you put a bomb that is respected in the center in the opponent’s camp. Unlike other mode, it is characterized by selecting and strengthening weapons when they first go out in their camps, or setting up chips in vending machines.

There was no big problem until these settings, but when I worked, I insisted on the weapon that was good in the battle Royale, and the team’s combination was distorted. The demonstrators who first played the Battle Royale picked up the attack power and speed, and they almost picked up the light blade, and as a result, a combination of utility weapons such as wheels, tempters, and spikes, the opponent who strengthened the maneuverability and strategy was too vain when he was looking for an empty house. It was because. On the contrary, you have to defeat the enemy and enter the road.

If you are used to the rule in hyper FPS, such as the Capture The Flag, you are quite familiar with the way you play, but it is quite unfamiliar to users who are not so unfamiliar to the first edition, so the basic explanation should be a bit supported to appeal the charm of the mode. I wanted to. On the other hand, it was encouraging in that there was a place to introduce the ‘features’ of various weapons that could not be shown in the Battle Royale mode of the High Squad.

For the user who had already played in advance, I knew that utility weapons such as Tempe’s, Wheel, Spike, and Link Cleaver had their own use. If you push your opponent with Gray field in the final round, you can quickly see if you can catch it as a KO. It is experienced to see a few times when you go to a link cleaver to go and go around like a grappling hook, or block the enemy’s attack with the force, and push it out of the base.

However, no matter how easy it is to resurrect, it is difficult to use the weapon technique that does not fit in the practice due to the nature of the Battle Royale, which is inevitably careful with survival. Therefore, there is a tendency to choose frequently or intuitive weapons, and that tendency has been experienced in this demonstration. Most other demonstrators have a Japanese shotgun, but only a couple of people have a spike, a link Oliver, and a wheel with a maneuver. So, after rapidly scoring the enemy and scoring the first goal, the team members picked up the wheel with a secondary weapon, secured the bombs and broke through the enemy camp to create a 5: 0. Even in the middle of dangerous, there was also a beauty that trapped the bomb carrier as the ultimate Spike’s ultimate.


Touchdown is not a familiar mode for users, but it was a good content that showed another possibility of dribbling or roving passes as if not just aimed at kill with weapons skills. And in fact, there are a lot of utility, such as maneuvering weapons, dragging, freezing, and pushing them with weapons skills, not just fighting with weapons. However, from the existing survival mode, the traditional Battle Royale is different from the traditional battle royale, and if the user who has not used a hyper FPS, it is a rather unfamiliar rules, so it is another task of ‘High Squad’ to prepare an intermediate stage that can be easily understood. Would.

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